French Manicure
French Pedicure


No Chip Manicure

No Chip Pedicure
No Chip French Manicure$40
No Chip French Manicure$50


Our Signature Pedicure starts out by placing your feet in warm, hot water with Blue Sea Salt in it, which helps soften your feet. First we cut down and shape your nails then we apply an Exfoliating Cuticle Softener to the cuticles, push them back, clean under nails, and remove what cuticles are left over. Then we apply a Green Exfoliating Scrub from the feet to mid calf and rub it in. After that, we remove the scrub and apply The Callus Eliminator (if needed) to your soles. After it works its way into the callus, we remove the dead skin by scrubbing the heels which softens and smoothes your feet. Then we use massage oil and massage your legs and feet. After that, we wrap your legs and feet with one hot towel and massage. Finally, we buff the nails, remove all oils and polish.

Kids are under 10 years old and 65 and older, soldier get 10% off of every service (no the package and spa special)

​​Permanent Makeup

Microblading ​Eyeblow


Skin Care

Nail Care


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​Eyelash Extension

Nail Care

​​Sauna & HotTub

$1 / per Mins Hot Stone Foot Massage 
$6  Sea Salt / Honey Scrub for your foot or hands and front arm 
$12 /10 Mins Hot Stone Massage treatment with Sea Salt / Honey Scrub for foot
$10 Foot Mask or Paraffin Wax 
for your foot or hands and front arm
the mask and paraffin wax can help gets rid of dry, cracked and calloused feet and gives you back smooth and beautiful feet again. During the mask, we provide arm and hand massage at the same time. 
$28 / 30 Mins Hot Stone Foot Massage +Sea Salt
$1 per Small Shiny Diamond  
$5 for 7 Small Shiny Diamond     
$10 for 15 Small Shiny Diamond 
$3 per Design
$6 two Designs
$12 for Whole Hand Design
$6 French 
$15 No Chip 
$10 change Polish 
$10 take off No-Chip Polish ($6 for Polish  )

Nail Care

 Manicure   $15
(Shape your nails, cut down the cuticle, hand massage and arm massage ,apply polish or buff the nails make it shiny)
Regular Pedicure   $25
(Shape your nails, cut down the cuticle, foot rub and apply polish or buff the nails and make it shiny)
Spa Signature Pedicure  $35
(Shape your nails, cut down the cuticle, 10 mins foot massage with sea salt scrub and hot stone treatment, apply polish or buff the nails and make it shiny)
*Regular Pedicure and Manicure $38
*Spa Pedicure and Manicure $45